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Aug 2012

Radiation continues to be registered in USA 16 months later – deadly levels in California Oranges, Nuts and in Air Filters

Radiation captured by HEPA filter air cleaning machines at Radiation Station Santa Monica doubled in a 52-day period ended August 1 over the previous period. The tests were part of‘s ongoing monitoring for Fukushima fallout and ocean-borne contamination in Southern California and across the United States. Over 2,374 tests since March 15, 2011 have yielded […]

Aug 2012

Radiation 258 times legal limit found in fish off Fukushima

Fish containing 258 times the legal limit of radioactive cesium have been found in waters off the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., said on Aug. 21. The reading for two rock trout, caught about 20 kilometers to the north of the plant, showed 25,800 becquerels per […]

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