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Aug 2012

Radiation continues to be registered in USA 16 months later – deadly levels in California Oranges, Nuts and in Air Filters

Radiation captured by HEPA filter air cleaning machines at Radiation Station Santa Monica doubled in a 52-day period ended August 1 over the previous period. The tests were part of‘s ongoing monitoring for Fukushima fallout and ocean-borne contamination in Southern California and across the United States. Over 2,374 tests since March 15, 2011 have yielded […]

Aug 2012

Japanese doctor sees similar to Post Hiroishima disorders in Fukushima

via Japan Times A 95-year-old retired doctor is continuing to warn of possible health dangers to residents near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant after some of them developed symptoms similar to those afflicting atomic-bomb survivors he treated for decades.   Spreading the word: Shuntaro Hida, who treated hibakusha for decades, is interviewed last month […]

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